Travis De Boer

Travis De Boer

Celebrating 15 years in the world of guiding, Travis is not just a guide; he's a seasoned angler with a passion for the great outdoors. His journey began locally, where he immersed himself in the nuances of steelhead and warm water fishing, cultivating expertise that is second to none.

Travis has cast his line far and wide, extending his guiding to the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Whether navigating the challenging waters of the local rivers or the wild Alaskan terrain, Travis thrives on the thrill of the catch and the joy of sharing these experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

Before his career in guiding, Travis served honorably in the military's special operations, contributing to the esteemed 75th Ranger Regiment within JSOC. This chapter in his life not only instilled discipline but also provided him with a unique set of skills that set him apart in the world of fly fishing.

Beyond the riverbanks, Travis is a recognized writer and photographer, with his works featured in over a hundred nationally published titles covering a wide range of outdoor-related subjects. His ability to capture the essence of the great outdoors adds an extra layer to his storytelling, allowing readers to vicariously experience the thrill of the hunt and the tranquility of nature.

Yet, for Travis, it's not about dwelling on the past achievements. Instead, he remains focused on the future, grateful for the opportunity to fish in amazing places with equally amazing people. 

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