• Tyler Nash

Missing Aaalaasska

About this time last year when the smoke from the wildfires settled on Moscow, we had the opportunity to travel up to the wild open north in what we like to call.... Aaaaalaaasssssska. As I fear the smoke rolling back through town, I look back on our adventure for a #tbt.

It was an unbelievable trip which started biking through part of Denali and camping at the very end of the road among gi-gan-tor moose, grizzly bears, and a breathtaking landscape.

Tyler and Ron wanted to the adventure to start happening early, so they proceeded to get way too close for my comfort to an enormous moose in a deep grabby bog. You can tell, I stayed my safe distance on the road.

We then made our way down to Homor to stay with a close friend and help with the construction of an adventure tent setup to trade for a maiden voyage on a homemade vessel...

This vessel was the SS. Wilson, tried and true, which we used to slay some Halibut for sustenance over the wintertime (you know, the Moscow Fish folks aren't around then). Luckily, I was there to catch most of the Halibut or our friend Joe and Ron would have gone hungry and there would be no evidence Tyler actually caught a fish (although I captured the action very poorly).

On this outing we saw some Orcas, tons of otters outside of the bay (that had amazingly fuzzy babies). It just so happens, unbeknownst to us at the time, that last year incredible amounts of whales came inland. We were able to see these creatures up close and personal when they started bubble feeding beneath our life line. Luckily, the SS. Wilson was able to flee the scene to avoid the maiden voyage ending by being capsized, but the adrenaline rush of being so close to the equivalent presence of a swimming house was unbelievable. #AdventureHappens In my mind, I always thought whale watching was silly, now that we inadvertently experienced it, further whale watching may be on our bucket list in the future.

The last part of our journey ended on the Kenai with some bank fishing followed by fishing off a drift boat for some Kings. Our captain was a reality-star celebrity veterinarian who informed me that otters are not as snuggly as they look, but are actually quite pointy. We got a hook up, which we lost, but it was a treat to see a few other boats pull some monsters out of the river. I was too start struck to really take any meaningful photos... you know, out of respect to the celebrity and because I am a coward.

I will keep dreaming of Aaaaalaaasssssska as I try to chase the fear of more smoke from my mind... the best people**, the biggest creatures, and the most beautiful** area!

**If you don't count Moscow, ID, of course.

#TBT #AdventureHappens


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Photography by Ben Herndon. www.benherndon.com

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