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Overnight Fly Fishing Trip on the Lower Salmon Preparation

Each trip includes:

If you have any gear that you like to use, feel free to bring it, otherwise, we will provide :

  • Lunch for both days

  • Dinner

  • Breakfast

Before Your Trip

If anyone on your trip has dietary restrictions, drink preferences or health conditions, please be sure to have everyone in your group sign this liability form before your trip.

The First Day of Your Trip

You can find directions and the usual meeting location here

For fishing during the day, we recommend that each person bring:

  • A hard copy of the directions to Calder, ID as the service in the area isn't great once you reach St. Maries

  • An Idaho Fishing license, please also review regulations for the river you plan to fish

  • Clothing for sun protection

  • A fleece jacket for cool evenings and mornings

  • A rain jacket

  • River shoes that can get wet if you would like to wade

  • Sunglasses with croakies

  • A sun hat

  • Any medications you may need on a regular basis or in an emergency (e.g. epipen, inhaler, etc.)

In spring and fall or if average daily temperatures are less than 60 degrees C, we recommend:

  • Waders if you would like to wade, if you don't have any, let us know and we can provide some for you.

  • Wool long johns

  • A wool hat


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