1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip

1-Day Salmon River Canyon Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip

Get Away for a Moment

Day trips are perfect for folks who have limited time, just need to get out of the house for a quick fix on the river.  This trip takes place on a roadless stretch of the Salmon River (Green Canyon).  Expect fun white water amazing top water bass fishing and the chance at a resident rainbow trout. We target bass with poppers and streamers using 7 wt rods.  

Season Fishing Type Max # Guests
July 15 - Oct 1st
Dry Fly Fishing

    Provisions and Itinerary - 1-Day Salmon River Fishing Trip

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    White Pine Outfitters provides each of our guests with:

    • Coast Guard Approved/Type V Lifejacket
    • Eating utensils (including plates, bowls, and flatware)
    • Chairs 
    • Shuttle transportation
    • Gourmet meals prepared by the crew each day
    • All fishing gear (flies, rods, reels, and other consumables (tippet, leader, tips etc.) 


    • Meet your guide in Cottonwood at Cottonwood Foods at 7 am for a quick meet in greet.
    • After a quick introduction, you will park your rig on a public street and jump in the guide's rig for a 30-45 minute drive to the boat launch (a good time to quiz your guide and catch up). 
    • A shuttle company will park the guide rig at the take out.  Expect to be on the water for 7-9 hours with a 1-hour gourmet lunch stop on a white sandy beach. 
    • Expect to float 5-11 miles river miles in a day. 
    • At the take out, guides will de-rig the and load the boat and load the boat.
    • Expect a 20-30 minute car drive back to your rig.

    Prepare and Pack for Your Trip - Salmon River Canyons

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    Trip Provisions


    For all trips, White Pine provides the following to each guest:

    • Coast Guard Approved/Type V Lifejacket
    • Eating utensils (including plates, bowls, and flatware)
    • Chairs 
    • Shuttle transportation
    • Gourmet meals prepared by the crew each day
    • (only Lunches are provided for day trips)


    On multiday trips, White Pine provides the following to each guest:

      • One large bag for clothing and gear
      • One small waterproof bag for personal items
      • Tupperware for small breakable items
      • Sleep Kit
        *If you prefer your own gear, please let us know and we can bring an extra dry bag
        • Sleeping bag
        • Sleeping pad
        • Pillow
        • Sheets
        • In Fall/Winter:
          • A wall tent with a wood burning stove for kitchen and dining.
          • 4-season 10X10 cabin tent (sleeps 2) 
          • Cots
        • In Summer:
          • A 3-season tent shared (sleeps 2)
        • Cast and Blast Trips
          • Hunting dog
          • Hunting dog gear


        On fishing specific trips trips, White Pine provides the following:

        • Flies
        • Fly rods
        • Reels
        • Nippers/other tools
        • All consumables (tippet, leader, tippet, etc)

        Preparing for your Trip


        Due to the potential risks of the outdoors, everyone is required to sign a standard liability release form sent in a confirmation at least thirty days before the start of your trip, acknowledging awareness of and acceptance of the risks associated with the trip you have selected. The guides and White Pine Outfitters will attempt to meet all schedules, but assume no responsibility for inconvenience or expense due to delays or changes.

        HEALTH AND AGE  You should be reasonably healthy because river trips require a certain amount of physical exertion. We suggest a minimum age appropriate for each of our specific trips. There is no upper age limit. Pregnant women and individuals with heart trouble should get physician approval before embarking on any river trip.  Persons with handicaps and challenges are welcome on our trips, we will need to talk with you to be sure we can meet your special requirements and needs for safety.


        Cool weather can occur on any trip regardless of the time of year, it can be quite chilly when it's overcast, breezy, or raining, even in August.  The right clothing can make your river trip comfortable even in unfavorable weather.  Clothing on a river trip must have the ability to keep you warm even if it gets wet.  Synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene, capilene, Synchilla, and polyester pile will keep you warm when wet and will dry quickly.  Wool will keep you warm when wet, but takes longer to dry.  Cotton does not keep you warm when it is wet, but it can keep you cool when it’s hot.  Warm and sunny weather is more likely to occur on a summer trip down the Salmon River, cold and rainy weather will be more likely in the fall and winter. 


        If you plan on fishing you will need to purchase an IDAHO fishing license.  

        If fishing for steelhead, purchase an additional IDAHO steelhead/salmon permit. 

        If trip is a Cast and Blast, purchase an additional IDAHO hunting license and upland game bird permit.

        Purchase these licenses online at the Idaho Fish and Game website and printing a copy or you can get one at Tri-State Distributor's in Moscow before your trip and include license numbers in the liability form.  


        Dehydration is always a concern on a river trip, thus we encourage you to drink lots of water and we ask that you bring two unbreakable water bottles that hold a minimum of one quart each.  Juice and coffee will always be available at breakfast and tea (black & herbal), and hot chocolate will be available at camp in the mornings and evenings. Gatorade mix and water will be available at all meals (including lunch) and whenever we are at camp.  White Pine Outfitters provides limited amounts of beer and soda (approximately 2 cans per person per day).  You may bring as much additional beer and soda as you want, but we do request that you buy these in aluminum cans.  White Pine Outfitters also provides a modest amount of wine to have with dinners.  If you wish to bring your own favorite wines or if you want to bring hard liquor you are welcome to do so.  We will provide a safe place to store these glass containers.  A liquor store is located in Moscow close to the hotel and is open Monday - Saturday (Closed Sundays). Wine and beer can be purchased in any grocery store (Winco is located next to the hotel and is open 24 hours a day).

        DOGS (Cast and Blast Trips)
        On cast and blast trips, White Pine will provide at least one dog per guide.  You can bring your own own dog(s) if prior arrangements are made, we request it is not aggressive toward other dogs and are up to date on their shots. 

        PACK LIST



        • ALL SEASONS

        • ☐ Sunglasses+Croakies
        • ☐ Quart unbreakable water bottle (2)
        • ☐ Unbreakable coffee cup
        • ☐ Wool and synthetic layers. (Sweaters and or jackets)
        • ☐ Rain / Waterproof coat and pants (tested and proven)
        • ☐ Walking shoes, or light boots
        • ☐ Tennis shoes or "all terrain" sandals, secured to feet
        • ☐ Sunhat, visor or cap
        • ☐ Wool or synthetic socks
        • ☐ Waterproof sunscreen & lip balm
        • ☐ Neck Gaiter
        • ☐ Long pants and long ☐ Sleeved shirt
        • ☐ Wool / Synthetic
        • ☐ Stocking Cap


        • ☐ Sun shirt and pants (light cotton or nylon fabric)
        • ☐ Shorts ( quick drying ) and/or river skirt
        • ☐ Swimsuit


        • ☐ Think clothes that will keep you warm in 20-30 deg temps
        • ☐ Down puffy coat
        • ☐ Wool / synthetic gloves
        • ☐ Wool and synthetic base layers / long johns

        (Cast and blast specific trips)

        • ☐ Dog Food
        • ☐ Dog First Aid Kit
        • ☐ Dog Medication
        • ☐ Dog Kennel / Crate
        • ☐ Garmin E-Collar w/ Remote
        • ☐ Dog Booties
        • ☐ Dog Leash/Collar
        • ☐ Water/Food Bowl


        • ☐ Camp shoes
        • ☐ Pillow case / pillow
        • ☐ Toiletries (e.g small towel, feminine hygiene, handiwipes, extra hand sanitizer etc.)
        • ☐ Ear plugs
        • ☐ Toothbrush/paste
        • ☐ Small flashlight and/or headlamp
        • ☐ Spare glasses/contacts
        • ☐ Extra change of synthetic clothes
        • ☐ Medication*


        • ☐ Camera
        • ☐ Binoculars
        • ☐ Medication*
        • ☐ Pen & Notebook
        • ☐ Reading material

        (Fishing specific trips)

        • ☐ Waders
        • ☐ Fishing license
        • ☐ Wading boots
        • ☐ Steelhead permit
        • ☐ Thick wool / synthetic sweatpants for wading
        • ☐ Extra warm clothes in case you fall in the river while wading
        • ☐ Wading Staff

        (Cast and blast specific trips)

        ☐ Shooting gloves
        ☐ Ammo (50 rounds per day) 2-3/4" or 3" #5 shot

        • ☐ Shooting Gloves
        • ☐ Ammo (50 rounds per day) 2-3/4" or 3" #5 shot
        • ☐ Choke tube set
        • ☐ Shotgun
        • ☐ Gun Oil
        • ☐ Gun Case 
        • ☐ Sun/Shooting Glasses
        • ☐ Hunting vest
        • ☐ Ear plugs
        • ☐ Leather Gloves
        • ☐ Gaitors
        • ☐ Hiking Boots
        • ☐ Upland bird hiking pants
        • ☐ Personal multitool/hunting knife/pocket knife

        *We recommend that you separate any important medication into 2 containers and allow us to carry 1 container in our well-protected First Aid Kit.  We will need to know of any health concerns you have prior to the beginning of your trip, so we can be prepared.


        Our guides work very hard to provide a great trip for you.  At your discretion, a tip (20%) may be left with your trip leader and will be appreciated by all of your crew.


        White Pine Outfitters acts only in the capacity of agents for the participants in all matters relating to transportation/accommodation/and other related travel services, and assume no responsibility however caused for injury, delay, loss, or damage to person or property in connection with any service, including but not limited to that resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays and expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, theft, pilferage, force majeure, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, government restriction or regulations, and discrepancies or changes in transit over which they have no control.  Prices and dates subject to change without notice.  If, as occasionally happens, we must cancel a trip because there are too few participants, we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible and suggest that you transfer to another trip.  Reasonable changes in itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of participants, including cancellations due to water fluctuations, insufficient bookings, and other factors.


        Rates and Schedule - Fly Fishing Day Trip

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        Trips are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Trips must be booked at least 72 hours in advance.  Cost of the trip shown covers one boat which are designed to fish two adults comfortably and does not include guide gratuity (15-20% is customary) or fishing licenses. 

        The St. Joe River offers an option for a 3rd angler as a youth, but they must be under 100 lbs.

        Booking Information

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        • After submitting a booking request, we will call you as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 hours) to collect information about you and your group, learn about trip intentions and goals, and answer any questions you may have.
        • We will send an email with:
          • An invoice with the total amount due for the trip. 
          • Liability forms that need to be forwarded to guests on the trip.  These are required before any client can participate in a trip.  Sign these online.
          • All licenses should be purchased and information included in the liability forms.
          • Trip specific information, including location, meet time, maps, etc.
        • After a 50% deposit is paid for the trip, or the full amount for trips less than 30 days out, we will assign a guide and block off your requested trip date.
        • After 30 days, the remaining amount on the invoice and liability forms are due.

        Cancellation Policy

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        Day Trip Cancellations

        Final payment is due 30 days before the date or your trip.

        Reservations made 30 days or less before selected date required the full payment at time of booking to confirm your date.

        All deposits are non-refundable.  

        If the trip is cancelled within 30 days of your date, you must pay for your trip. 

        Day Trip Reschedule

        If you need to reschedule your trip, please contact White Pine Outfitters by phone (208-883-3900) or email (info@whitepine-outfitters.com) as soon as possible to ensure a date is available.

        White Pine Outfitters may assess a $150 fee for rescheduling.

        Any cancellations made less than 30 days of your scheduled arrival, or you do not show on the day of your trip will result in forfeiture of the full payment.


        Multi-Day Trip Cancellations

        If you find it necessary to cancel your trip please notify us as soon as possible. All deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel your trip more than 120 days prior to your departure date we will retain your deposit and credit it toward a future trip with White Pine Outfitters. If you cancel 120 day or less but more than 60 days prior to your launch date you must pay 50% of the trip price. If you cancel within 60 days of your trip departure, you must pay the full trip price. This cancellation policy applies per person. We regret we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation and travel insurance (see Travel Insurance).

        Travel Insurance / Life Flight Insurance

        Your pre-trip package will provide more information on the rigors of the trip you have chosen. Even though we make every effort to insure a safe trip for everyone, we strongly recommend that you protect yourself, your belongings, and your vacation by purchasing a traveler’s insurance policy. Should you have to cancel your trip at the last minute due to illness or injury, a trip cancellation policy will cover your non-refundable payments in most cases. If you become ill or injured while on a river trip, evacuation may be prolonged, difficult and expensive. Many trip insurance policies cover such events. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance you will be asked to sign a waiver. Baggage and cameras are carried entirely at the owner’s risk, and White Pine Outfitters Inc. accepts no responsibility for lost, damaged, or delayed property. We recommend TRAVELEX.

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