15-17 April 2021 - St. Joe Fishing Report

15-17 April 2021 - St. Joe Fishing Report

Water Temperature:  46 degrees F

Flows: 3100  cfs 

Weather: Sunny, like real nice day get out there and do some angling


Fishing is on fire!  Nymph, streamer fishing or dry fly angling has been real good.  Focus on the banks with a foam skwala fish are looking up and grabbing well presented dry flies.  Fish some water with chop, inside seams and softer water with nymphs.  Find buckets and pound the bank if you are streamer fishing.  The lower water has good swing water so get out there and get after it with a light tip or no tip. Fish will move for a fly just got to get one wet.  Come into the shop and we will get you all set up!

Hot Flies:

Sparkle minnow, pat's rubber leg, wire worm, chubby, skwala, purple haze, BWO, Sculpzilla, mini dungeon, prince nymph, tungsten bead heads. 


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