Meet the Crew

White Pine Outfitters has an incredible, extensively trained, and experienced staff who are not only educated in gear, fly fishing methods, fly fishing conditions, and safety. Learn more about the people and guides we trust to make our shop and guided trips some of the best in the Northwest!

Tyler Nash (Nashty)

Tyler Nash, spending time in the wild places brings things into alignment! He grew up in Colorado North of Fort Collins in a family that valued outdoor pursuits of all kinds...

Chelbee Rosenkrance

Chelbee is our lead guide and shop manager here at White Pine, and a wizard in almost all things she puts her mind to. Chelbee is a recent grad from the University of Idaho studying Ag Economics. She moved to Moscow from Boise, and was born and raised on a ranch in the small town of Mackay, ID where she learned to fly fish...

David Ting

One cannot live without food & water. David always loved cooking & fishing since as far back as he can remember. Now he’d love to share his passion for both with you along the banks & amongst the waves of the shadowy St. Joe River. 

Robert Fisher

Robert is the newest addition to our WPO guide family.After catching his first steelhead on a skated dry fly, it was Robert that was truly hooked... and not just the steelhead. There are certain experiences that define and shape our lives. For Robert, learning to fly fish, swinging a wet fly in the pursuit of steelhead, navigating a drift boat in white water rivers, and experiencing multi-day river camping trips in beautiful, pristine wilderness places have all spoken deeply into his soul...

Bruce Mace (Canyon Wren)

Born on the Trinity River in northern California to a 3rd generation Forest Service family… feet wet, fly rod in hand - Bruce has grown up and through a career in Architecture and Healthcare, now successfully retired to pursue passions. During that time, the outdoors DNA somehow drove the bus and he now finds himself with more than a quarter-century chasing steelhead, whitewater, mountains, oars and rivers…

Travis De Boer

Celebrating 15 years in the world of guiding, Trevor is not just a guide; he's a seasoned angler with a passion for the great outdoors. His journey began locally, where he immersed himself in the nuances of steelhead and warm water fishing, cultivating expertise that is second to none...

Brittney Kitto

If you are looking to have a blast and get fishy in a no-pressure environment then Brittney is your guide! Brittney grew up in Montana a mile from the Mighty Mo between Helena and Bozeman, mainly fishing with traditional tackle. Brittney started fly fishing when she moved to Idaho and thinks of the St. Joe as her home water where she spends most of the season...

Patrick Ranson

Patrick is a student at the University of Idaho studying Fisheries Resources. Patrick grew up fishing the rivers of southern Missouri, and has hunted and fished throughout the U.S. and Canada. Patrick is an avid outdoorsman, from fishing and hunting to kayaking and camping. An avid streamer and hopper fisherman, Patrick lives for aggressive eating fish and ties his own flies. Join Patrick in a drift boat for a day of fun and fish! 

Grace Holwagner

Grace is currently a student at the University of Idaho studying Fisheries Resources. Growing up in the harsh weather...

Trevor Mongeau

Embark on an angling adventure with Trevor, a guiding veteran who joined our team recently but brings nearly two decades of expertise to the table. With 18 years as a registered guide, Trevor is no stranger to the world of fishing and has left his mark on the waters of Alaska, Montana, Washington, and his current home state, Idaho...

Doug Yearout

Doug brings a wealth of experience and a lifelong connection to the St. Joe and St. Maries area. Doug is not just a guide; he's a seasoned angler with roots deeply embedded in the scenic landscapes he calls home...

Rosalie Mullane

White Pine is extremely lucky to be supported by Rosalie.  She grew up in North Carolina and spent 10 years hiking, biking, fishing, and climbing in the Appalachian Mountains and will be happy to direct you to any gear you may need.

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