Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher

Robert is a new addition to our WPO guide family.
After catching his first steelhead on a skated dry fly, it was Robert that was truly hooked... and not just the steelhead. There are certain experiences that define and shape our lives. For Robert, learning to fly fish, swinging a wet fly in the pursuit of steelhead, navigating a drift boat in white water rivers, and experiencing multi-day river camping trips in beautiful, pristine wilderness places have all spoken deeply into his soul.
Robert is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has spent over 30 years sparking joy in his heart through outdoor adventures. As a resident of Lewiston, Idaho, he enjoys spending time on the Grande Ronde, St. Joe, Salmon, and Snake rivers. His special place is the Grande Ronde river. After his first exposure, Robert fell in love with the Wild & Scenic section of the Grande Ronde river. He is intimately familiar with its fish, wildlife, and terrain.
Robert is a knowledgeable guide, teacher, and a patient mentor. He looks forward to the opportunity to introduce you to these magical places and experiences.


Wilderness First Responder

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