White Pine Outfitters fly fishing for steelhead

Brittney Kitto

If you are looking to have a blast and get fishy in a no-pressure environment then Brittney is your guide! Brittney grew up in Montana a mile from the Mighty Mo between Helena and Bozeman, mainly fishing with traditional tackle. Brittney started fly fishing when she moved to Idaho and thinks of the St. Joe as her home water where she spends most of the season. Brittney fishes many different techniques but prefers dry fly and streamer fishing, which can be done year-round on the Joe. She is the angler you see on the water in a unicorn onesie out-casting the guys on the trip.

Brittney is a Registered Nurse for most of the year and has a passion for helping people of all backgrounds and abilities to learn the art of fly fishing. She has the uncanny ability to brighten anyone’s day and is wealth of knowledge on the river. It’s common to go out on a trip with Brittney and come back a friend for life. In her down time Brittney enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, and whitewater rafting which she’s been a guide for on the Salmon for a number of years. Brittney has been on many destination fishing trips to Alaska and Belize with her partner Muzzie and their dogs Lucy and Sage. She looks forward to introducing fellow lady anglers to fly fishing and maybe even getting a little weird! CAW-CAWWHHH!!

Wilderness First Responder

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