White Pine Response to Covid 19

White Pine Response to Covid 19

Dear White Pine Clients, Friends, Family, and Partners,
As the spread of COV-19 novel coronavirus continues to make an impact, we want you to be aware that we are making steps to improve the protection of our consignors, clients, community and customers.
1. Limiting Human Contact in Store
We will be selling our inventory exclusively online with our eBay store at as well as posts on Instagram and Facebook which will be available for curbside pickup. Additionally, we will be exploring other outlets to advertise items that may be available for curbside pickup, available by booking appointments on Facebook. In store shopping will no longer be available.
2. Picking up your items
If you receive emails to pick up your items or cash, we have a service in Facebook to schedule an appointment for curbside pickup of your consignment items or cash. For consignor payout, we prefer sending cash electronically through Paypal or Venmo if possible. Please request your balance from info@whitepineexchange or @whitepinegear
3. Accepting New Items Temporarily
We will not be taking any new items until further notice.
4. Fishing Trips
We will continue to book fishing trips and limit each boat to 3 people (2 clients + 1 guide) to maintain social distancing and exceed cleaning recommendations from the CDC in food and meal preparation.
Please continue to stay patient, be well, and love one another from safe social distances. We will continue to best serve you!
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