Salmon River Guided Float Trip Launch Dates - 2024

Salmon River Guided Float Trip Launch Dates - 2024

Looking for an unforgettable fishing and hunting escapade? Look no further! Join our exclusive Five-Day Guided Cast and Blast Trips on the Salmon River for a thrilling journey that seamlessly blends steelhead fishing with chukar hunting in the rugged and steep terrains of the Salmon River Canyon.

Launch Dates:
With only two launch dates available for the year, don't wait on booking this adventure of a lifetime.

October 20th-24th & October 27th-31st

Fishing Options:
Choose between fly fishing gear or conventional fishing gear, targeting the elusive steelhead or trying your luck at bass fishing.

Hunting Expeditions:
Embark on chukar and hun hunting over certified German Wirehair pointing dogs in the challenging landscapes of the Salmon River Canyon.

White Pine Outfitters German Wirehair Pointer, Loki, retrieving a chukar in Hells Canyon

Canyon Views:
Hike to the top of the canyon and soak in breathtaking views of Hells Canyon. A challenge that tests your limits and deepens your appreciation for the natural beauty of the area.

Customized Experience:
Tailor your trip to match your preferences! Opt for a cast-and-blast adventure, balancing fishing and hunting, or focus solely on one of the two. We guarantee a truly unique and unforgettable adventure.

Secure your spot today and get ready for a journey that combines the best of fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors!

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