Guided Trips | Palouse Area

Guided Trips | Palouse Area

If you are out visiting the Heart of the Arts ( Moscow, ID ) or venturing to the Gateway to Hell's Canyon ( Lewiston, ID ), you can still make it out for a quick adventure. 

The area surrounding the University of Idaho and Washington State University is a hunting mecca, and we have some day trips to prove it!  Enjoy hunting our 5,000 acres of private exclusive ranch access about 20 miles outside of town along the breaks of the Clearwater River.

* All trip costs shown are per person.

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Prepare for Your Trip in the Salmon River Canyons

We are excited to take you down the river!  Preparation is key to a successful river trip, although we like to think of ourselves as all-inclusive, we can't all just spend all day on the river in the nude and / or with out a camera.  Below is a list of what we can bring, and personal gear for a successful trip...

What is Spey Fishing?

White Pine is the only outfitter on the Salmon River that exclusively targets steelhead using a swung fly with spey rods.  Spey rods are two handed rods and very in length, the rods we use vary from 12.6’-16’.  Many lines  are used for the modern spey rod set up, the types depend on the season, angler skill set, and water conditions.
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