Guided Trips | Salmon River Canyons Fishing Trips

Guided Trips | Salmon River Canyons Fishing Trips

We have acquired a Salmon River Canyon Permit from Sundog Expeditions, a company run by a legendary pair in the whitewater industry.  We plan to continue the legacy with similar grace, love, respect, and prestige as they guide us on our own journey. This river stretch is iconic with pristine sand beaches, the warmth of the sun in the valley, the peace of the desert, the peace of being roadless, and the abundance of wildlife. 

Our first multiday river trip ever was in the Salmon River canyons, and this stretch continues to be a favorite. Excitedly, we now offer opportunities for multiday river trips of all the best flavors: whitewater, fly fishing, cast and blast, and luxury scenic floats. 

Summers in the Canyon

Summers on the Salmon range from 80-100+ degrees, climate ideal for taking dips. Whitewater rafting trips and scenic float trips are perfect for families and friends with exciting class III-IV whitewater to bond over, warm water for swimming in the summer, and incredible scenery which includes large basalt canyon walls yawning to the skies and white sandy beaches creating a blanket for camps under starry nights.  In the summer, guests stay in their own dome tent, or on the beach if they desire.

The Salmon boasts a healthy and hungry smallmouth bass population, which we target in the summer and fall by stripping streamers and poppers.

Fall and Winter in the Canyon

Fall is a magical time for the Salmon!  The days are cooler, the nights are longer and the wildlife is ample.   If you are seeking solitude, fall trips are the ticket with more hiking options due to the cooler temps.  There are some amazing vantage points to fully experience the river.   The colder weather and water means we camp in canvas wall tents with wood-burning stoves and lanterns, a cozy and age-old way to enjoy the outside.  We offer scenic floats, steelhead fishing trips, and cast and blast trips in the fall and winter.
Location Season Activity Target Access Days Cost Per Day # Guests
Salmon / Snake River Oct 20th - 24rd & Oct 27th - 31th Upland Hunting & Spey Fishing Chukar / Hun, Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass Float 5 $950.00 Per Gun 2 - 6
Salmon / Snake River Sept Dry Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass Float 5 $700.00 Per Person 4 - 10
Salmon / Snake River Oct-Dec Spey Fishing Steelhead Float 5 $700.00 Per Person 4 - 6
Salmon / Snake River Oct - Dec Spey Fishing Steelhead Float 3 $700.00 Per Person 2 - 6

More Information

Prepare for Your Trip in the Salmon River Canyons

We are excited to take you down the river!  Preparation is key to a successful river trip, although we like to think of ourselves as all-inclusive, we can't all just spend all day on the river in the nude and / or with out a camera.  Below is a list of what we can bring, and personal gear for a successful trip...

What is Spey Fishing?

White Pine is the only outfitter on the Salmon River that exclusively targets steelhead using a swung fly with spey rods.  Spey rods are two handed rods and very in length, the rods we use vary from 12.6’-16’.  Many lines  are used for the modern spey rod set up, the types depend on the season, angler skill set, and water conditions.
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