Itinerary - 3-Day Salmon River Trip


Each day on the river, plan to float 3-5 miles.

The evening before your trip

  • Meet the lead guide at White Pine Outfitters in downtown Moscow, ID for a pre-trip meeting (7 pm).
  • Dry bags will be distributed and last-minute questions you may have will be answered.
  • Pack your bags for the morning, learn about what to bring, learn about what to pack.

Day 1

  • Eat breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant.
  • Our lead guide will meet you at the hotel at 6 am for the shuttle drive to Hammer Creek put-in. (Approximate driving time of 2.5 - 3 hours).
  • Stop in Cottonwood or Grangeville, Idaho on the way for last-minute purchases
  • Arrive at put-in, meet the crew, get fitted with a lifejacket, and listen to safety talks.
  • The trip launches and we have lunch on the river.
  • Arrive at camp and enjoy a great dinner prepared by the crew.

Day 2

  • Warm breakfast in camp.
  • Pack-up personal gear.
  • A day of fun on the river (lunch on the river).
  • Arrive at camp, set up for the evening, more fun and great food.

Day 3

  • Warm breakfast in camp.
  • Pack-up personal gear.
  • A day of fun on the river  (lunch on the river).
  • Approximate 3-5 miles on the river.
  • Take out and jump in the van for a 2.5-3 hour shuttle ride back to the Monarch hotel with one of the guides. 
  • Book a trip for next month prior to leaving the river!!

    The rest of the crew will be sticking around to de-rig and haul gear back to the boathouse.

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