Provisions & Itinerary - 1-Day St. Joe River


On our day floats, we provide a gourmet shore lunch set up, drinks, a professional guide with a boat, vast opportunities to catch fish, a peaceful float down the river, transportation, and all the fishing gear (flies, rods, leaders, etc.), with the exception of waders.


  • White Pine will arrange a time between 7-10 am to meet in the town of Calder, Idaho.  
  • After a quick meet and greet in Calder, you will jump in the rig with your guide and head up or downriver to a designated boat launch to start your day on the river. 
  • Expect to be in the car 10 - 30 minutes as your guide navigates to the boat launch ( a good time to quiz your guide or catch up). 
  • Typical floats last 7 - 9 hours with all fly fishing gear provided (with the exception of waders, recommended in the early spring and fall). 
  • Halfway through the day, we will take an hour for a stream side gourmet lunch.
  • You will be off the river by 3 pm - 6 pm depending on the season. 
  • We work with a shuttle crew to get the rig back down to the take out. At which point we will drive you back to your rig or we will be taking you out at the Calder boat ramp which is where your car will be waiting.


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