The Salmon River Canyons

Solitude at it's Finest

The Salmon River is a wealth of history, myth, and environmental significance.


The Salmon river is the one of the longest untamed rivers in America at 425 miles. The Salmon river lays claim to the second deepest canyon in North America essentially splitting Idaho in half. The river covers a large portion of Idaho.  

Floating the Salmon River Canyons section is unique as if flows through 3 states: starting in Idaho, floating into Oregon, and taking out in Washington. 


One of the more significant events that unfolded (Chief Joseph lead tribes across the Salmon river to outrun the calvary). Chief Joseph was not a war chief, he was a diplomat and worked to wager peace.

Biology / Ecology

The Salmon River houses smallmouth bass, steelhead, and an abundance of ungulates and predators you are sure to see on your float.


The Lower Salmon river Gorges is a gem with large sandy beaches and amazing geology. On multi-day trips, you will travel through Green Canyon, Cougar Canyon, Snowhole Canyon and Blue Canyon before we reach the mouth of the river where the Salmon joins the Snake river.


The Salmon is a wonderful river with water temps hitting the high 60’s during the heat of the summer. Making the Salmon the perfect river for multi-day White Water rafting trips. 

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