17 Sep 20 - St. Joe River - Fly Fishing Report

17 Sep 20 - St. Joe River - Fly Fishing Report

The fly fishing is real good right now.

Streamer fishing check

Nymph fishing always good

Dry fly fishing really good... like really really good!🤩

One of our guides, Mike, was up streamer fishing and he found some good fish and action with olive and natural colored streamers under a light sink tip less than 3 ips 7.5' tip. Fish the high bank, buckets and riffles.

Kyle has been driving bobbers down river like a mad man this summer. He is amazing at the nymph game.. fishing Pat's rubber legs and a bead head has done the trick. Bobber to point fly formula is 5 feet without weight. Fish the high bank and focus on slow water down low in the run walking pace moving water or even a little slower.

I have been dry fly fishing a lot. I have teo dry fly rods set up and transition back and forth depending on the water. High back riffle fish a October caddis. Glide and tail end of the run fish a small mahogany or rusty spinner size 16-20 5x or 6x longer leader.

Also finding a fair amount of fish on small terrestrials (ants)

Drop by the shop for more info and gear.

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