28 Sep 20 - St. Joe River - Fly Fishing Report

28 Sep 20 - St. Joe River - Fly Fishing Report

The fall fishing is really amazing up on the Joe! Streamers, nymphs and drys, whatever method you prefer, the fish are aggressive and ready to eat a well presented fly.

Streamer fishing with light tips and black and olive mini dungeons and scupzillas have been extremely productive

Nymph fishing with 5 feet from bobber to point fly Pat's rubber leg size 8 and a bead head or smaller size 14 Pat's or a October caddis nymph gets it done.

If you are dry fly fishing look for pods of fish. Be patient and track the fish activity prior to casting to analyze the rhythm of the fish.

Small bwos, mahoganies, and October caddis. Fish longer leaders with 5x or 6x with small bwos and bigger October caddis fish 3x or 4x shorter leaders. Fish high bank and runs with October caddis. Fish the glides with small mayflies.

Steelhead numbers are looking good as well so we will be transitioning to steelhead angling over the next few weeks.

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