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White Pine Outfitters regularly fishes on the St. Joe River at all seasons of the year. Find maps, conditions, and any other helpful information for a successful North Idaho fishing trip here!

6 July 2021 - St Joe Fishing Report

Big dry fly foam bugs continue to produce on the St. Joe, until the sun is high. If you only plan to dry fly fish when the sun is high focus on shaded runs, banks, and color transitions. 

24 June 2021 - St Joe River Fishing Report

Good fishing on the Joe! Fish are in riffles and holding in summer water. Dry fly fishing a chubby in golden is doing the trick. Nymph fishing with a stone fly and bead head will also get the job done. Fish with smaller stones in the colors coffee, golden, or black in a size 8 or 12. Bead head nymphs in the colors red, copper, and purple are picking up fish. 

12 June 2021 - St Joe River Fishing Report

The time has come, golden stones are out on the water! The whole river is now at a fishable flow, so now is the time to get out and get some flies wet.

8 June 2021 - St Joe River Fishing Report

Flows have been dropping nicely, creating a great transition period up on the Joe, which means lots of bugs. We have been seeing a great variety of bugs on the water including, drakes, pmds and other small mayflies. Golden stones should be showing up in a couple of weeks, so stop by the shop and get stocked up.

23-25 May 2021 - St Joe River Fishing Report

Flows have been fairly stable this week. There have still been some skwala and march browns flying around, with green drakes and goldens just around the corner.

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